ICT Vision 2020

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ICT Week 2016

ICT Vision 2020

The ICT Conference 2016 brings together members of the ICT Association, selected professionals, government officials, representatives of different associations and all other stakeholders to brainstorm and make a roadmap that leads Suriname to a situation in which the ICT Vision 2020 is realised.

The ICT Vision 2020 envisions the ICT Association of Suriname’s perspective of the role of the ICT sector in the development of the Republic of Suriname and its impact on the Surinamese economy. Inspired by researches in the ICT industry of Suriname combined with insights of relevant stakeholders, the discussion paper ‘ICT Vision 2020’ aspires to guide the potential growth of the ICT sector in an effective manner and addresses the preconditions and recommendations to policy makers.

The first chapter describes the National vision on ICT, which is based on the National Development Plan 2012-2016. The Government of Suriname states to provide full support to the ICT sector and recognizes the role of ICT in the development of Suriname. The recommendations for the preparation of a National ICT Strategy Plan is described based on the benchmark with other jurisdictions and based on national researches and recommendations of from the World Summit Information Society Programme (WSIS) for establishing an ‘information society’.

In order to describe a future outlook, the situational analysis will provide a basic understanding of the environment, of which the local ICT sector derives from. Industry insights and recommendations from Industry leaders and relevant stakeholders will help to define the road map for the ICT sector. These recommendations are conveniently structured in the following themes:

  • Organizational design;
  • Educational impulses;
  • Legislation;
  • IT infrastructure;
  • Funding.

Based on the situational analysis, insights & recommendations, benchmarking and results from prior researches, the ICT Association Suriname’s Vision is rephrased into: ‘‘ICT-AS shapes the ICT sector to benefit from becoming an Information Society and a significant pillar of the Surinamese economy’. In order to reach this ambition the nine building blocks of the Business Model Canvas have been used to reflect on a feasible business case for the sector. The roadmap for the period 2015-2020 concludes with the high priority targets, responsibilities and key performance indicators (output) to measure the progress of the ambition of the ICT sector

Download the ICT Vision 2020 document here. suriname-ict-vision-2020-by-ict-associatie-suriname-june-2015.